"Costume Designer Ryan Dawson Laight ditches all whiff of Disney and takes the tale back to exactly where it ought to be"

Chichester Observer on PETER PAN


"the costumes excel, with swathes of fabric becoming characters in their own right. Skirts and sleeves envelop, intertwine and emphasise the fluidity of movement, particularly as all three dancers conjoin towards the end in a heated frenzy."

The Reviews Hub on HAM AND PASSION


"stunning period costume and set by Ryan Dawson Laight"

MacBirmingham on HAM AND PASSION


"The costume design is outstanding, taking the drama outside of a particular time or place and allowing the personal aspect of Shakespeare's play to take precedence over a more political setting."

Stagetalk Magazine on KING LEAR


"One of the real strong points of the show is the costuming and props; the use of recycled materials brings an organic charm while firing the audience's imagination."

Matthew Trainor, The Upside News on DUCKIE